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She ran. She ran fast, with whatever items she could collect from around town and 'steal' from the house before she left. Allona knew damn well that her step father was only playing lip service to her wants and needs, and she would be damned if she walked into that damn trap the day after tomorrow.

Marriage to a man nearly twelve years her senior for a business arrangement was not something she would submit to, and he knew it. She was just glad that she had overheard the two of them plotting about it when she went to the tavern to pick up some more bread starter from the baker. Being drugged, dragged to the alter and forced to marry anyone like that was just disgusting... she had hoped it was just drunken speech, but as she rushed back home and started digging around... she found the contract... the drugs and the money.

Taking a moment to calm herself, she started planning. He would come home drunk this evening and it would take him till at least noon the next day to sober up, and longer than that to notice she was gone... well, why leave without anything? She stripped his hidden stash of everything valuable, the money, her mother's jewelery (because damn if she would let that man keep her parents rings and her mothers necklace), and also the vile of sleeping drug. Perhaps she could use it for something... better than letting him keep it.

It hadn't taken her very long to pack a bag with what she could use, and she had no qualms about stealing from him either... mostly because what she was taking should have been hers anyways. Her father's hunting knife and bag, whatever clothing that could be useful in the woods, and whatever else she could find that was useful... including all the money in the house and the drug he was planning to use on her.

Having everything packed away and hidden in her room, she knew she would have to be home when he came home to pass out, or he would know something was up... so she set about making supper for that night and then went back into town to try and gather a few more things. She would use his credit to 'pick things up for him' and add them to her pile of supplies.

Snare wires, a small bow and quiver as well as arrows, bow strings, extra little odds and ends as well as some extra jewelery that she could sell in another town... it wasn't the first time she had been made to play pack mule for him... so nobody really paid her purchases on his account any mind.

Arriving home and hiding everything just before his drunken self stumbled in the door, she set about feeding him his supper and putting him to bed... playing the dutiful step daughter... He never even realized that she slipped some of the sleeping drug into his bowl of stew.

Once he was out cold, she gathered everything she needed and in a fit of vindictiveness, took his favorite leather belt as well, loaded herself up and slipped away under the cover of darkness. It was heavy and awkward to carry all her things, but she had all night and the area was thankfully not one where bandits gathered.

Hopefully by the time he awoke, it would be going on midday and she would have made it to the next town where she could purchase a horse and put good distance between her old life and her new future.


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